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Personalized letters from Santa!

A exciting letter for your child will arrive in your mailbox

   YES, Santa still writes letters to children!

   At your request, he will write a personalized letter from Santa Claus that will create a beautiful keepsake for your child. 

   When you order your letter(s), we will ask you to supply those personal details about your child to enable us to write a personalized letter. All information remains confidential and will not be used in any way except for writing the letter.

   Letters typically include mentions of the child's classwork, pets, siblings and other details such as particular things they're good at, what they'd like for Christmas and what they should work on to stay on the Nice List. We include those details that make a child's letter from Santa authentic.   

Happy child in knitted reindeer hat and scarf holding letter to Santa with Christmas prese
Letters to Santa w green envelope-ready.jpg

Ordering letters

Your child's letter arrives in a large. colorful envelope, and is accompanied by a bona fide Nice Certificate signed by Santa. A special surprise is included!

  • Order by Dec. 12 to allow time for writing and mailing for arrival by Dec. 24.

  • Cost: $40 per letter, post-paid.

  • To order: Contact Mrs. Claus at or call 360-539-7863 for an order form.

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