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Santa Bob's Photo Gallery and Testimonials

What people are saying ...

Ellie, Jerry and Suki Kraemer with Grand

“Santa Bob is great! I have seen him interact with large groups of children, individuals and even groups of mostly adults. Bob was very involved in our training conference for foster, kinship and adoptive families last May. Since it was so far from Christmas, we asked for a Luau Santa and Bob was great!  He posed for photos with over 100 children and had them all smiling!  It was the favorite part of the conference for many of our families.”

Lynn Urvina, past board member, Foster Parents Association of Washington (FPAWS)

Hardhat Santa Bob with some of his elfs
Santa Bob and teens taking elfies-ready.jpg

Taking an "elfie" with Santa Claus!

Santa Bob and Mrs. Claus have been a part of our Christmas in the Forest event for several years. They are always kind, thoughtful and jolly with our guests – of all ages!  It’s a delight to watch the look on a child’s face when they first notice Santa and Mrs. Claus are in the room.  Even more endearing is to witness the personalized interactions Santa and Mrs. Claus have with our guests. Truly making magical memories during the holiday season.

Stacey Genzlinger,

Events Manager
Providence Southwest Washington Foundation

Family visits, one of Santa's favorites

Santa, ready to hand out toys at a past Foster Parents of Washington (FPAWS) Convention.

Santa Bob at the local food bank, 2014.jpg

Santa visits the main area foodbank. (The awesome stockings in the background are made by volunteers in the local community!)

Santa feeding cookies.jpg

Photo shoots. This photo courtesy of Heather Puett Photography, Everett, Wash.

“Thank you! You were so great. I couldn't have asked for a better Santa. I hope to work with you again next year … Everyone loved it!”

Heather Puett, Heather Puett Photography, Everett

Santa Bob and some little girls who were

Kids can always spot Santa Claus, even if he's not in costume, like during this visit to Colonial Williamsburg.

Santa and Buddy.jpg

Santa! Oh, my God! Santa's coming! I know him! I know him! 

Bob and Rick Riz at Mariners Stadium, July 2018.jpg
Santa Bob at Heather Puett Photog 10.jpg

Courtesy Heather Puett Photography, Everett, Wash.

Santa Bob and Mrs Claus.jpg

Santa Bob and Mrs. Claus, always up for kids, cookies and cocoa -- the 3 Cs!

“I appreciate Bob’s eagerness to work, his patience and kindness to listen to the children. Bob is very willing and happy to take on the adventure of non-traditional photos, including a big dog that shared his chair and decided he wanted his hat. Bob found the humor of it and it made for a great photo!”

Kathy Bowers , Santa Photographer, Factoria Mall

Rick Rizz, founder of Toys for Kids, with Santa at Christmas in July at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. Rick is always on Santa's Nice List for all the work he does to help underprivileged children have a happy holiday!

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