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Booking Santa Bob for appearances and visits

Here comes Santa!

     Santa is looking forward to helping you create the perfect holiday event! Be sure to book early for best availability.

  • Private parties. Santa visits your home or venue during your private party for photos* with the young and young-at-heart. Activities can be arranged.

  • Civic events and corporate parties. 

  • Schools, daycares. Santa will gladly sit for photos* and a visit with each child.

  • Retirement homes and communities. The spirit of Christmas never leaves us, and Santa knows what a special moment it is when those who are older rekindle memories of Christmases past.

  • Photo studios. Santa enjoys working with photographers to create the perfect Christmas memory for families.

  • Drop-by home visits. Olympia area only. Santa is happy to stop by your house for a quick surprise visit with your children or grandchildren. In this age of covid, he also can do a front porch or driveway visit.

  • Sneak-and-peek. Each year, Santa does a small number of Christmas Evening visits, just after the children are tucked bed, and Christmas day visits. Ask him for details.

  • Post-Christmas visits. Santa can be booked through Jan. 6 for parties and events. He also does summer Santa jobs.

  • Mrs. Claus visits. Mrs. Claus sometimes tags along and occasionally visits children on her own!

    *In keeping with current rules, Santa will be masked at most times. Photos can be arranged without masks with certain precautions. While he is fully covid-vaccinated, he wants to keep his favorite people safe and their parents free of worry.

Santa Bob with old-fashioned cut-out San


   Santa Bob's charges are based on each job's requirements, with rates starting at $100 per hour. If Mrs. Claus is also requested, the minimum charge is $150. All visits must be paid for before or at the time of the performance.

   Drop-by home or porch visits, offered only in the Olympia area, cost a flat rate of $50.

   Prices are negotiable for day-long or multi-day appearances.

  A small number of Christmas Eve Sneak-and-Peek visits, $175 each, are offered. They are limited to the Olympia area. Christmas Day visits are offered at the same rate and are limited to Thurston County and the Centralia and Tacoma areas.

   Santa and Mrs. Claus do many visits with children's groups at a reduced charge or free of charge. If your organization serves children in need or distress, call him for more information.

How to book your visit

1.  Contact Santa Bob at either his sleigh phone, 360-528-9025, or his workshop phone, 360-539-7863. (Please be sure to leave your phone number.) Or email: An adult must book the appointment.

2. Discuss details. We will work with you to customize a visit to fulfill your specific needs. Basic questions include the type of gathering, number of guests, number and age range of children, and specific requests for activities, such as gift distribution or reading. 

3. Santa Bob will send you a booking agreement that outlines your event's details. Sign it and send it back to complete your booking.

3.  To maintain the illusion of a real Santa visit, plan to pay Santa Bob at the time of his visit with either cash or a check made out to "Claus, Claus & Associates." Payment should be placed in an envelope. (Children can be told it's a Christmas card.) Santa Bob also takes Paypal payments. Ask for details.

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